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I’ve been grumbling to myself about writing blog posts using the web interface in WordPress for quite some time, but I’ve never really done much about it.  Today I spent some time chatting with David Pratt, a colleague of mine, about our blogs.  David runs the Data Management Wonk blog and I liked how his blog posts look when they are done.  He sent me a link to David Risley’s site which discusses 8 different Desktop Blog Editors.  After reading through it I decided to start testing out different applications.

Today’s posting is from Windows Live Writer.  There are some things I like about this app.  It’s fairly easy to use and it tries to be helpful in formatting and such.  However, it only supports FTP for uploading images to my site.  If only it would do SCP…  It also does a funky import of the background and and some of the formatting from the site.  It’s almost kinda cool, but the text is about 4 inches higher up than it will be when it goes live.  I’d be better off without the background images by far.

So as far as the first app goes, I give it a B-.  It’s ok.  It’s easier and smoother to use than the WYSIWYG in WordPress, but the lack of alternative means to upload images and videos is a bummer.

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